Welcome to the 2016 Bead Peeps Swap 'n Hop Reveals!!!

Hello Lovelies! Life has been absolutely crazy here at Hippie Chick central but as always I've managed to sign up for several design challenges, I've commited to a bunch of custom work and I am right in the thick of preparing for my participation in the #blogher2016 event via The Artisan Group...so it's never a dull moment! Today is all about the #BeadPeepsSwap and the big reveal...so lets get to it! 

The picture is above shows the goodies my partner and I swapped. I sent her everything on the left and she sent me everything on the right. Johana is a truly fantastic artist! If you are not already following her work you really, really should. You can check her out on Facebook here. Or visit her etsy shop here. I promise you will not be disappointed. 

I fiddled around for several weeks before settling on any designs but once I decided everything came together very quickly. I am absolutely in love with this mermaid pendant, handcrafted and enameled by Johana. It's a very large piece so I felt like it didn't really need much to create the perfect necklace. I used some large rose quartz chips, white fresh water pearls, and oxidized copper chain from my stash. The purple faceted czech beads were included in my swap package. As many of you know my daughter is a huge supporter of my jewelry making...she has claimed this piece for her own collection. She has also received several compliments the couple of times she has already worn it!

I also whipped up this fantastic bracelet! Yes...that's right...I said my bracelet is fantastic! I love it! I used the same bead styles from the mermaid necklace...they just go so great with the color palette Johana used for my goodies. I may keep this bracelet for myself...I don't wear a lot of bracelets but I really like this one so I think I might need to change that! 

As for the rest of my goodies...they are safely in my stash waiting for just the right idea to spark my creativity. I always keep at least a few goodies from every design challenge for future projects...plus I'm a bead collector as many of you know and I needed to add a few of Johana's beads to my collection! 

As always thank you for taking the time to visit and check out my designs. I love reading your comments so please leave a comment if you are so inspired. Also, I hope you will take some time to check out at least a few of the other participants and see what great designs they've created! ~Kari

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Kari - FANTASTIC job! I love

Kari - FANTASTIC job! I love love LOVE what you did with the mermaid! So cute! And that bracelet is...you're right...FANTASTIC! =) It's just so cute and will go with SO many pieces! Beautiful job! =)


Thank you Linda! I had lots

Thank you Linda! I had lots of fun and you were so right...Johana is lovely and talented!

Awesome job - I love the

Awesome job - I love the mermaid necklace

Thank you Nat!

Thank you Nat!

Gloriously Beachy!

I think you've captured the very essence of the sea in both of these pieces. Beautiful work.

Thank you Nelly May!

Thank you Nelly May!

I adore what you did with

I adore what you did with what Johana sent you. I am infatuated with mermaids. I love the simplicity of pieces so they don't have to compete with the show stoppers, like the focal and toggle. You did a beautiful job. I need to head over to your shop and see if you have a toggle similar to the one you sent to your partner. I am obsessed and feel like I can't live without one ;)!!

Thank you Maria! Those

Thank you Maria! Those toggles are super super fun to work with...I have several ready to list so I will get on that so you can satisfy your obsession...lol!


Hi Kari!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mermaid too!!! LOL You did a wonderful job as always and I would wear that Bracelet!!!

Thank you Robin! I had so

Thank you Robin! I had so much fun with Johana's goodies.

What fun pieces! Love the

What fun pieces! Love the designs!

Both pieces are so pretty! I

Both pieces are so pretty! I love the colours & beachy vibe :)

Awesome pieces....

Awesome pieces.... Understated and amazing!!

Understated pieces but

Understated pieces but amazing!

Love the combination of

Love the combination of colours and how beautifully balanced both pieces are, just lovely! :)

Beautiful creations

I love your beautiful ocean themed pieces. The bracelet is Fantastic!

LOve what you did with that

LOve what you did with that fabulous mermaid piece. Love the understated colors you used. I would keep that bracelet too! lol

Hi Kari. You are right the

Hi Kari. You are right the awesome focal and clasp needed little to show them off well. I don't wear bracelets much either but I would wear this one proudly. Great job designing.

What a lucky girl you were

What a lucky girl you were with such gorgeous enamels! Love what you did with them!


You have created Such

You have created Such whimsical, sea inspired pieces, they are beautiful

Key toggle

I love that you used the key as the toggle for your bracelet. I've Ben collecting all kinds of keys. Love your idea.

Under the sea :-)

Hi Kari! I so in love with everything you created. And makes me feel happy that you have fun working them. The mermaid pendant is the only one I made, so your daughter has a truly unique piece. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. :-)

I have several of her

I have several of her creations and you are so lucky to be partnered with her!! You did a great job with creating from what she sent you...and it is no wonder that your daughter already claimed one!! :) ~KM http://www.kraftymax.net/bead-peeps-swap-n-hop-2016/

Bead Peeps Swap N Hop

Love your pieces the mermaid is fantastic and the star bracelet.
Well done


Love your pieces! You did an excellent job of pairing up the colors and beads! I love the mermaid pendant your partner made. I to like to hold on to beads til that special project comes along.


Just love handmade pendant and toggle! Your simple designs around them really makes them pop.

I can see why your daughter

I can see why your daughter claimed the necklace. It is such a happy piece! As for your bracelet it IS fantastic!

Beautiful designs!

Your designs turned out so beautiful! The art focal and clasp are center stage and the beads and arrangement you used to complement them made two very artistic designs!

Beautiful & Blessed!

You created some truly fun pieces for your partner and created a great set with her gift to you. But the best of all I'm sure is having a daughter like that! I have one too & I'm so blessed by her support. I'm sure she inspires you in your beautiful work.

Thanks Teresa! and you are so

Thanks Teresa! and you are so right...best of all is the blessing and inspiration of my daughter. She is my biggest supporter and biggest fan...next to my mom of course! They are both fantastic and get lots of jewelry for their efforts. lol


Gorgeous work, i love the necklace and bracelet the addition of rose quartz and pearls really sets of the focal brilliantly. And love the key as closer.

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