Reveal Time! Bead Peeps Swap N Hop 2017

My partner for the swap is Hope Smitherman of CraftyHope. On the left is what I received, including all the fun packaging...on the right are the goodies I sent to Hope. Now let's get started with the real fun! 

When I opened the package these gorgeous metal ovals just screamed earrings. Originally I thought about adding some beads from my stash to make them more colorful but ultimately settled on the more monochromatic look and playing off the antique brass accents in the ovals. I really love the way they turned out...makes me wish I wore earrings more these are really my style! All the beads are from the package Hope sent me...the only things added from my stash are the ball headpins and wire. 

Meet Vivian, my newest photo helper. If you follow me on social media you've seen me post a few test shots as we figure out our working! I love that I will be able to show earrings and even some necklaces worn now...but there has been a slight learning curve from my normal photo set up...we are making progress! 

I'm playing with some cropping for close ups too! 

I loved the buttons Hope sent. I don't work with buttons very much but I was sure at least 2 of them needed to be earrings. I loved these mismatched ones together...the brown has just enough green on it to be complimentary. I used beads from my package to accent and pulled it all together with three matching waxed linen colors. I went ahead and tied everything up because when I started these I was still debating how I wanted to do the earring attachment...I couldn't decide bead, large ring or nothing.


As you can see from this photo...they are not finished yet. Once I decided how I wanted to finish them, large ring was my plan, I realized I didn't leave enough room on the back to slide anything under the waxed linen to secure it! Needless to say I will be re-tying these with the ring in place...lesson learned for next time! 

Now let's just pause here for a minute and talk about this GORGEOUS crown focal! The colors are absolutely stunning...but it is HUGE! If Hope wanted to challenge me sending this was a great plan...because I love it so wanted to create something wonderful but this is a really large focal compared to most of what I work with...but the delicious colors...

Normally I might have gone with a simpler style but I really felt like this piece called for something more. Fortunately many of the coordinated beads Hope sent were smaller sizes so I settled on a multi-strand design to really show it off but not be to bulky and heavy. 

A section of glass pearls knotted with waxed linen and 2 wire wrapped strands of Czech faceted glass and alternating glass pearls finished with a length of large rolo chain and a toggle clasp. Focal, beads, and clasp are all from my package. I added the waxed linen, jumprings, wire and chain from my stash. 

I really like how it all came together. I think everything is really complimentary with the right amount of presence but still a bit understated. Thanks Hope for including this piece to challenge me! I do have some beads left and a few earring ideas brewing but haven't settle on anything yet so those will wait for another day. 

Thank you Hope for so many wonderful goodies and such a gorgeous color palette to work with! Thank you Linda for bringing us all together and putting up with all of our crazy to pull this hop off every year! You are a wonderful lady and I am so happy to be part of this awesome Peep community! Now I hope you will take some time to hop around and see all the other fabulous designs by the amazing artists on the list below. ~Kari

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Oh what glorious colours!

I have to say that I really love the idea of those button earrings. They are going to look spectacular when you finish them.

And what a stunning necklace you've created. Big, bold and opulant. Just right for the crown.


First, I find it funny that we both went straight for the pairs and made earrings to start it all off. We already knew we had similar styles, but that's too funny! I actually almost used the hoops to make earrings too, but couldn't come up with just the right design. I think you hit the nail on the head with it. Those earrings are perfect!
And, I really like the button (soon-to-be) earrings too. The fringe is fantastic. I hate that you'll have to take them apart to get them right, but totally get that cart before the horse thing. I've done it many times. I hope it comes back together just as easily.

Finally, that necklace!! I was so worried that we would make something similar, but should have known that you would go above and beyond. The triple strands are genius and go with the crown so perfectly. I like the alternating of the pearls with the glass. You almost miss it with the knotted linen strand. I like how that one continues to bring out the colors from the focal. The whole thing looks like a lot of fun to wear.

I hope you enjoyed creating with what I sent. I know I had fun with the pieces you gave me and will for a long time to come! I've really loved getting to know you and befriend you. So glad the group and hop brought us together! :)

The earrings and necklace

The earrings and necklace turned out great. You should definitely wear those earrings.

Hi Kari, I really like your

Hi Kari, I really like your first earrings. Vivian looks like she would be a good helper. You did a wonderful job with your mismatched earrings. They are my favorites. I think that you accented that lovely crown perfectly. The smaller beads in a multi-strand design supports the large focal very well. I like chain at the back of a necklace. Great job using your swap beads.

Swap N Hop

I love the necklace you made, the textures in the chains with the different techniques you used make it look lush but not bulky.

Clever design on the button

Clever design on the button earrings! Both you and your partner did an awesome job with the crown.


I love all your pieces because they are in my favorite colors. The first pair of earrings would almost make me repierce my ears to wear them. You're wraps on the pearl/Czech chains are what struck me. They are so uniform. Try as I might that is a talent I do not posses. Well done all the way around.


I LOVE the texture in these pieces.The crown give me a regal and underwater feel at the same time. Mermaid princess perhaps?

The little button earrings

The little button earrings are adorable! I love that they're asymmetrical. And we just adore the necklace with our crown! The many layers of pearls and chain give it that touch of baroque style - exquisite!


I like the movement of the oval earrings and I think that the ceramic button earrings will be fabulous! It's interesting to see the different approaches to the large pendant - Hope has added a chain fringe for a lighter look and you have chosen to add a multi-strand section above it - both designs look beautiful!

I love love love those button

I love love love those button (soon to be) earrings! I think they would be beautiful however you do them, but posts could be really cute and you wouldn't have to untie the threads, just glue the posts on!

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