Pretty Palettes: May Partner Reveal!

Earlier this month I was contacted by Erin Prais-Hintz to be her May partner for the Halcraft Pretty Palettes design challenge. Each month Erin chooses inspiration and selects beads from Halcraft's Bead Gallery strands then she chooses a partner to receive a set of the same bead strands to play along. Other beaders are also invited to purchase the beads strands and joy the fun by blogging and linking to Erin's blog post on reveal day. Needless to say I was very excited when Erin contacted me to partner with her...then I saw this month's theme and bead selection...I was over the moon!! Check out Erin's inpiration post here.

Here is the fantastic selection of beads I received...perfect for the bohemian theme! and dragonflies...we all know I'm a sucker for anything dragonfly, right!?! I actually already had 3 strands of the copper/acrylic strand with the square dragonfly bead in my stash... I also went to my local Michaels were Bead Gallery happened to be 50% off during the week of the inspiration post and bought the 4 strands they had in stock of the aqua wood beads...they are truly fantastic and I just knew I would need to have more than just one strand! 

First a quick picture of a project I didn't finish...but will at some point. I love the combination of the copper against the aqua and even these are very large the wood makes them very light weight so eventually they will be some great boho earrings! Now let's get to the finished designs...

For these earrings I used copper circles and acrylic flower beads from the strands provided, I added turquoise chips from my stash, used silver wire and headpins because I love the look of copper and silver mixed together and finished them with handmade sterling silver earwires. They are very light weight and dainty and those little dangles provide fun movement. 

For this second pair of earrings I used a pair of wooden discs and acrylic flower beads from the strands provided. I added Irish waxed linen in salmon, gemstone chip beads and handmade oxidized copper links and earwires from my stash. I am so happy these turned out just the way I pictured in my head while I was waiting for the beads to arrive in the mail! 

For my last piece I knew I wanted to do a necklace, I wanted to use the dragonfly square bead and I wanted to do silver/copper mixed metal...beyond that I had no ideas... It took me several days of staring at the bead mat with everything spread out on it to decide which beads I would use together...then it took a couple more days to figure out how I wanted to bring it all together. I'm really happy with the results.

Everything except the copper chain, silver wire and the copper circles are from the bead strands I received. I loved the way the copper circles with the acrylic flowers looked from the earrings so much I had to pull a pair of the circles from one of my stash strands to use in the necklace. I almost added some turquoise to coordinate with the earrings but decided no...I liked it better without and the colors coordinate well enough I think any true bohemian would just layer this long necklace with a couple that have turquoise and probably purple, red, and well you get the idea...then throw those earrings on too! 

Here is a shot of the whole's about 30 inches long and the pendant/tassle is about 4 inches...perfect to wear alone or like I said above layer with a couple of other favorite pieces! 

So that's it for me. I cannot thank Erin enough for inviting me to play along this month...this was a challenge right up my alley! I had so much fun! I hope you will visit the Halcraft blog to see what Erin created and see who else played along this month! Click here and choose May Reveal. See you soon! ~Kari


Excellent Bohemian Style!

I love all the things you made, Miss Kari! I think that those wood wheel disks are the bomb, and I am tempted to buy more of them myself. I never would have thought to make them into earrings, but they are so lightweight and a fabulous color and shape. I think you are right... a true free-spirited bohemian princess would just layer everything together! Thank you so much for playing along with me... I just knew that this would be the challenge for you! I hope you will come back and play along with the rest of us in the future. Enjoy the day! Erin

Thank you so much Miss Erin!

Thank you so much Miss Erin! I has the best time playing along. Those wood disks are the bomb and you should definitely buy more!

Love these!

Aren't those aqua wood circles the best? Those were my favorites. I really like how you added beads inside the circles for the earrings. Your long chain necklace looks like it would be fun to wear this summer!

I focused right in on those

I focused right in on those wood circles as soon as I saw the bead selection...they are fantastic! I am so glad I bought extras for my stash. Thanks so much for stopping by, checking out my designs and leaving me such a nice comment...made my day! :)

Kari was a good choice for

Kari was a good choice for Challenge love these items and the style

Thanks Deb! It was a really

Thanks Deb! It was a really fun "challenge" working with these fantastic beads!

Wonderful designs! I think

Wonderful designs! I think I'm going back to see if I can find more of the aqua wood circles!

Thank you Terry! and I might

Thank you Terry! and I might be a bad influence but yes go find more of the wood circles...your muse needs them! LOL

The dragonfly necklace is

The dragonfly necklace is wonderful. I love the design and colors. Well done!

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