Bead Peeps Swap N Hop 2017…the fun begins!

It's that time again...what time you say? Bead Peeps 3rd Annual Swap N Hop has begun! And by begun I mean you are getting in right at the beginning…so here is my introduction to get things started…be sure to stay tuned because there will be LOTS more fun over the next few months!



This year they’ve opened up for Instagram participation so in addition to the usual blog posts I will also be sharing the fun via my Instagram feed…so follow me there for even more fun!

I’m really going to be focusing on growing my business and social presence in 2017 and this should be a great start toward the goal of getting my Instagram hopping! I’m also working on a selection of products for wholesale and I am a member of The Artisan Group so always lots of great TV/movie stylist giftings, celebrity giftings and so much more going on!


One of my very favorite pieces was was featured on a favorite show in October, 2015. This was my second piece to be placed on TV and it was so very exciting! 

As seen on CW's hit TV show "The Vampire Diaries", worn by "Nora", actress Scarlett Byrne. See it on season 7 episode 702, Never Let Me Go, original air date 10/15/15. There's a great shot of Nora at the 9:15 marker!


I started out making beaded wine glasses 17 years ago…hard to believe it’s been that long. I made my first set of glasses for a friend’s wedding and was hooked…on bead collecting at least. I started out using simple beads bought from Michaels or Craftwarehouse. My design style didn’t really flourish until I discovered art beads in about 2005. I am completely self-taught and love challenging myself to learn new techniques.  



This is my company tag line and I think it is a great description of what I make “Wearable art to express you! Distinct jewelry blending mix-media, fiber and art beads. An eclectic twist on bohemian style for women of all ages.”

These are my Dragonfly Chicklet Earrings with artisan glass, crystals and waxed linen...and for those who don't know DRAGONFLIES...which I am absolutely crazy for!!



I don’t really have any preferences for materials except I like to use quality materials, such as nickel free, lead free metals, art beads, gemstones…really anything! Oh except seed beads…I don’t do seed beads!

Be Inspired is a collection of high end necklaces I've started. Each one is unique in the art beads and charms used to create it! I love this style because it allows the customer to choose a message that speaks to them and allows them to be part of creating a special piece just for them or someone special to them. 


I love to wire wrap. I’m currently teaching myself to wire weave pendants…I still need more practice but I’ll get there. If I am using stringing materials I prefer waxed linen or hemp over flexible bead wire just because I love the knotted look and the texture the fiber adds for certain pieces. Bead weaving is one technique that I’ve tried and don’t really enjoy…it frustrates and stresses me out…which is completely counterproductive to my love of designing.




I love all colors! Nothing makes me run screaming…which I thank my mother for because some of her color requests (orange, yellow) have really helped me stretch my boundaries and discover some fun possibilities!

One of my super colorful Dia de Los Muertos bracelets shows my love of vibrant, colorful designs!








A few random tidbits about me!

- I am wiccan…my witchy light shines magical and bright!

-  I'm a night owl to my deepest soul!

- Coffee is everything! And possibly my one true love…LOL…and yes my hubby knows this!

- I've had major health issues for 37 of my 47 years of life…so needless to say sometimes life is an uphill battle but I’m still here and most days moving forward!

- Laughter really is everything…so thank you to my hubby who makes me laugh, every day at least once…whether I want to or not!





My partner for this swap is Hope Smitherman of Crafty Hope. You can check out her introduction post here. I am super excited to get my bead selections prepped and sent to Hope. We seem to have somewhat similar styles and thoughts about materials so I can't wait to see what beautiful creations she will come up with! 

I think that's it for now...I'll share again after the beads are sent off so definitely stay tuned for more fun! ~Kari


Kari, I LOVE this intro post

I LOVE this intro post from you. It definitely gives me a better idea of who you are, how you design, and what you like. I've already gathered a couple of things for the challenge, but am looking forward to collecting some other tidbits. This is definitely going to be fun! :)

YAY! So glad you liked it

YAY! So glad you liked it Hope. I am super excited and have gathered a few things already too. Your intro was great and definitely gave me some good ideas!

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